"A" profiles

"A" Profiles

A., W. E. (-)


Born: 22nd December, 1723 in Köthen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
The young Abel was boarded at Leipzig, Germany's Thomasschule where he was taught by Johann Sebastian Bach. From 1743 until 1759 through Bach's recommendation he was able to join Johann Adolph Hasse's court orchestra at Dresden, Germany. Around 1759 he moved to London and became Chamber Musician to Queen Charlotte. He gave a concert in 1764 of his own compositions in London, performing on various instruments, one of which was a five-string cello known as a pentachord.

Johann Christian Bach, the eleventh son of J. S. Bach joined him in 1762 in London. Around 1765 the friendship between them led to the setting up of the first subscription concerts known as the famous Bach-Abel concerts. It was at these concerts that many of Franz Jozef Haydn's works were first performed in England.

A first rate composer and a fine performer on the viol de gamba.

Throughout his life he enjoyed excessive living, and his drinking probably hastened his death.
Died: 20th June, 1787 in London


ABT, FRANZ WILHELM (1819-1885)

Born: 22nd December, 1819 in Eilenburg, Prussian Saxony, Germany
His father was a priest and a talented pianist. His interest in music and theology led him to the Thomasschule in Leipzig, Germany and later to Leipzig University, Germany. His intention was to become a member of the clergy. While at school, he became friends with Albert Lortzing, Felix Mendelssohn and Robert Schumann.

When his father died in 1837 he abandoned his theological studies and devoted all his time to music. He became a very skilled choirmaster and became Kapellmeister at Bernburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany in 1841, but later moved to Zürich, Switzerland. Whilst there, Abt became director of nearly every one of the local choral societies, of which there were many. In 1852 he returned to Germany to become musical director at the court theatre in Braunschweig, Niedersachsen and continued at the theatre until 1882.

The hectic workload took its toll on him so ill health made him retire.
Died: 31st March, 1885 in Wiesbaden, Germany

ACKLAND, H. D. (1811-1857)

(see Arthur Henry Dyke Troyte)

Born: (?), 1811
Died: (?), 1857

ACKLOWE, (?) (20th cent?)


Born: (?)
Organist of Mary's Church, Wimbledon, London.
Died: (?)

ADAMS, SAM (20th cent.)

ADAMS, THOMAS (1785-1858)

(known as 'The Thalberg of the organ')

Born: (?); baptised on 5th September, 1785 in London
Studied music under Thomas Busby from the age of 11.

Organist of the London churches of Carlisle Chapel, Lambeth (1802-1814); St Paul's Church, Deptford (1814-1824); first Organist of the new St George's, Camberwell (1824-1858); St Dunstan's-in-the-West, Fleet Street  (1832-1858).
Died: 15th September, 1858 in London


ADCOCK, JAMES (1778-1860)

Born: 29th June, 1778 in Eton, Berkshire
A chorister at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle (1786-1796). A pupil under William Webb and subsequently with Dr Theodore Aylward and at Eton College, Berkshire under William Saxton. Became a lay clerk at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle (1797) and at Eton College (1799). He moved to Cambridge and sang in the choirs of Trinity, St John's and King's colleges. Published 'The Rudiments of Singing'.
Died: 30th April, 1860 in Cambridge

ADCOCK, JOHN (1838-1919)

Born: 31st August, 1838 in Loughborough, Leicestershire
Worked at Spalding, Lincolnshire from the age of 16 as a school usher and eventually became choirmaster of the chapel and conductor of the local choral society.
Moved to Nottingham in 1858 where he sold sheet music, later becoming the manager of the shop. For 21 years he was Organist and Choirmaster of Castle Gate Congregational Church in the city. He compiled 'The School Hymnal'  in 1882. He composed several hymn tunes, some of which were published.
Died: 12th January, 1919 in Nottingham

ADLINGTON, JOHN (1816-after 1877)

Born: (?), 1816 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire
A pupil of Chappell Batcheler and W. H. Holmes. Organist of St Peter’s Church, Derby (1855-1863); Trinity Church, Derby (1863-1864); Whitchurch Parish Church, Shropshire (1864-1865); St Paul's Church, Aberdeen, Scotland (1865-1866); St Andrew's Church, Aberdeen, Scotland (1866-1877). Professor of Music at Edinburgh, Scotland; Music Professor at the Edinburgh Institution for Music, Scotland
Died: after 1877



Born: 13th July, 1834 in Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
A chorister at Kirkheaton Parish Church, West Yorkshire in 1844. He studied music privately, and graduated MusB(Cantab) in 1885. He was Music Master of Batley Grammar School, West Yorkshire. Organist of the Huddersfield, West Yorkshire churches of Kirkburton (1856), Kirkheaton (1863), Moldgreen (1865) and Mirfield (1874). Composed a small amount of church music.
Died: 27th September, 1910 in Filey, Scarborough, North Yorkshire


Born: 3rd November, 1871 in Reading, Berkshire
Assistant Organist of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle (1900-1908). One of the first students of the RCM, London. Assistant Music Master of Eton College, Berkshire and other lesser posts around Windsor. Sub-Organist of Eton College, Berkshire (1908-1924). First editor of 'The Book Press' series of anthems and church music in 1911.
Died: 23rd October, 1938 in Windsor, Berkshire



Born: 26th August, 1819 in Rosenau, Germany
Married the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria in 1840. He sang, played the organ and composed but received some discreet help for the latter. Prince Consort to Queen Victoria.
Died: 14th December, 1861 in Windsor Castle, Berkshire


(younger brother of Sir Walter Galpin Alcock)

Born: 6th September, 1870 in Islington, London
Studied in Westminster Abbey, London and an articled pupil of Sir Frederick John Bridge. Studied also with Herbert Sharpe. Organist of Trinity Church, Eastbourne, Sussex for six years and then at St John's, Eastbourne for 48 years. He composed a set of chants for the 4th Evening in 1914 and two sets for the Te Deum in 1905 and 1915.
Died: 10th January, 1954 in Eastbourne, Sussex

ALCOCK, Dr JOHN senior (1715-1806)

(father of John Alcock junior)

Born: 11th April, 1715 in London
A chorister at St Paul's Cathedral, London under Charles King. Aged 14, he was apprenticed to the blind organist John Stanley. Organist of St Andrew's Church, Plymouth, Devon (1737-1741). First organist of St Lawrence's Church, Reading (1741-1749). Vicar Choral, Organist and Master of the Choristers at Lichfield Cathedral (1750-1760). Vicar Choral only from 1760. BMus(Oxon) in 1755 and DMus(Oxon) in 1761. Organist of Sutton Coldfield Parish Church, West Midlands (1761-1786). Organist of St. Helen's Parish Church, Tamworth, Staffordshire (1766-1790).

Buried in Lichfield Cathedral.
Died: 23rd February, 1806 in Lichfield, Staffordshire

ALCOCK, JOHN junior (1740-1791)

(son of Dr John Alcock)

Born: (?); baptised 28th January, 1740 in Plymouth, Devon
A chorister at Lichfield Cathedral and pupil of his father, Dr John Alcock. From the age of 11 he was his father's assistant at the cathedral. Organist of St Mary Magdalen Parish Church, Newark, Nottinghamshire and succeeded Marley as Master of the Song School, Newark (1758-1768). BMus(Oxon) in 1773. Organist of St Matthew's Church, Walsall, West Midlands in 1773 until his death.
Died: 30th March, 1791 near Walsall, Staffordshire

ALCOCK, STANLEY (1871-1964)

Born: (?), 1871 in Twickenham, Richmond, London
He composed a very small amount of church music.
Died: 7th January, 1964 in Chieveley, Berkshire


(elder brother of Gilbert Alcock)

Born: 29th December, 1861 in Edenbridge, Kent
Educated privately before becoming Society of Arts Scholar (1876-1881) at the National Training School of Music, London (later superseded by the RCM in 1882). He studied under Sir John Stainer, Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, John Francis Barnett, Eaton Faning and Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan.

BMus(Dunelm) in 1896 and DMus(Dunelm) in 1905. FRCO. Organist of the London churches of St Mary's, Twickenham, Richmond (1881); Quebec Chapel, Portman Square (later known as the Church of the Annunciation, Marble Arch), Marylebone (from 1882); Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, Chelsea (1895-1902) where he succeeded Edwin Lemare. His assistant here was the youthful John Ireland. Assistant Organist of Westminster Abbey, London (1896-1916) to Sir Frederick John Bridge. Organist and Composer at the Chapel Royal (1902-1916). Organist of Salisbury Cathedral (1917-1947). Became renowned for his organ recitals and improvisation skills. He earned the distinction of being a key part of three coronations at Westminster Abbey: Edward VII 1902, George V and George VI. He enjoyed a flair for engineering and had his own railway set installed at Salisbury.
Died: 11th September, 1947 in Salisbury, Wiltshire

ALDRICH, Dean HENRY (1647-1710)

Born: (?); baptised 22nd January, 1647 in Westminster, London
A pupil at Westminster School, London under Dr R. Busby. Foundation student, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford (1662). BA(Oxon) in 1666, MA(Oxon) in 1669. Canon at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford (1681 or 1682).

BD in 1681 and DD in 1682. Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford (1689). Rector of Wem, Shropshire (1689). Vice Chancellor of Oxford University (1692-1694). Chaplain in Ordinary to King William, Queen Mary and later, Queen Anne. Prolocutor to the lower Houses of Convocation (1702).

Buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford where there was a tablet erected in 1732 by his friend George Clarke.
Died: 14th December, 1710 in Oxford


Born: (?), 1860
Died: (?)


Born: 23rd January, (?)
Chorister at The Cathedral Church of St James, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk under James Thomas and Dan Soaper.

Music Scholar at Uppingham School, Rutland in September 2015.


ALFORD, Revd Dr HENRY (1810-1871)

Born: 7th October, 1810 in Bloomsbury, Camden, London
Educated at Ilminster Grammar School, Somerset and Trinity College, Cambridge. Curate at his father's church in Winkfield, Wiltshire and also served a curacy at Ampton, Suffolk

After his ordination as priest he was vicar of Wymeswold, Leicestershire for 18 years. In 1853 he was incumbent of Quebec Chapel, Portman Square, London (later renamed the Church of the Annunciation, Marble Arch). He became Dean of Canterbury Cathedral in 1857. Amongst other publications he edited 'The Year Praise' in 1867, a collection of hymns and tunes for Canterbury Cathedral.
Died 12th January, 1871 in Canterbury, Kent


Born: (?) in Northampton
He taught himself to play the piano and to compose. Aged 14 he became a village organist and choirmaster. Later went to study organ, composition and piano at the RCM, London, and simultaneously at the RSCM (1965-1968). Head student at Addington Palace (1967). He then went up to Cambridge where he was Organ Scholar and Choirmaster at Jesus College and gained his MusB(Cantab) in composition.

For a time he worked for the BBC, composing, directing or playing for about fifty scores for Radio Drama.

ALLCOAT, NIGEL (20th cent.)

Born: (?) in Hinckley, Leicestershire
Studied at the RSCM, London (1969-1971). International performer of the organ and won the St Alban's Improvisation competition and has taught at the RNCM, Manchester; Oxford and Cambridge universities as well as European conservatories. A teacher and composer with homes in central England and Southern France.

ALLEN, (?) (-)

ALLEN, ALLAN (1865-1930)

Born: (?) 1865, in Exeter
Sometime Organist of St Sidwell's Church, Exeter, of Exeter School and Choirmaster of St George's Church, Tiverton, Devon.
Died: 3rd February, 1930 in Tiverton, Devon


Born: 21st April, 1822 in London
A chorister at the church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London (1830) and at Westminster Abbey, London from 1832. BMus(Oxon) in 1852. A bass in the choir of Armagh Cathedral, Northern Ireland (1843). On returning to London he became Organist of All Saints' Church, Kensington, London. Established the 'Abbey Glee Club' in 1841. Later he emigrated to Toorak, Melbourne, Australia. Whilst there he set up a comic opera company which regularly performed the Savoy operas of Gilbert and Sullivan.
Died: 30th November, 1898 in Brisbane, Australia



ALLWOOD, RALPH (20th cent.)

Born: (?)
Head of Music at Pangbourne School, Berkshire and Uppingham School, Rutland. Precentor and Director of Music at Eton College, Berkshire (1985-2011), instituting the Eton Choral Courses. Conductor of the Rodolfus Choir, a critically acclaimed group of singers aged 16–25, drawn principally from the Eton Choral Courses. Conductor of Inner Voices, a youth chamber choir based in London and set up in 2011. Currently conductor of the choir of Queens College, Cambridge.

Appointed MBE in the Queen's New Year Honours List (2012) and awarded an honorary DMus from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland (2013). Awarded the Thomas Cranmer Award for Worship by the Archbishop of Canterbury 'for services to choral music in the Church of England and especially for fostering musical education amongst disadvantaged children' (2017).

ALLWORK, Revd R. L. (19th-20th cent.)

Born: (?)
Vicar of All Saints', Epping Upland, Essex from 1906-c.1912
Died: (?)

ALLWRIGHT, Revd EDWIN (1855-1932)

(known as Ted)

Born: 16th October, 1855 in Stepney, Tower Hamlets, London
Organist of St Katherine Cree in the City of London from 1879 and of All Saints', Forest Gate, London from 1883. He was ordained priest by 1893. He published some organ music.
Died: 16th February, 1932 in London

ALSTON, (?) (-)


Born: (?)
Minor Canon and Succentor of Ripon Cathedral.
Died: (?)


AMOTT, JOHN (1798-1865)

Born: (?), 1798 in Monmouth, Wales
Pupil of William Mutlow (Organist of Gloucester Cathedral). Organist of St Chad's Abbey Church, Shrewsbury (1820 or 1822-1832). Succeeded William Mutlow as Organist and Master of the Choristers at Gloucester Cathedral (1832-1865). He conducted the Three Choirs Festival on the occasions when it was held in Gloucester Cathedral.

Buried in Gloucester Cemetery.
Died: 3rd February, 1865 in Gloucester


Born: 1st August, 1861 at 'The Lines', Tulse Hill, Lambeth, London
From 1868 to 1871 he lived with his uncle, Thomas Edwards (a farmer) at Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire after his parents had divorced. In 1881 he became a school teacher in Cliffe, Sussex. In 1892 he was appointed Organist of St John's Church, Spalding, Leicestershire and then moved to St Mary's Church, Torquay, Devon. He became a music teacher and schoolmaster at the private boarding school, Braintree College for Boys, Essex. A far relative of John Amott of Gloucester.
Died: 1st October, 1909 at his home in He(a)smonds Lodge at Lovers Walk in Preston, Brighton, East Sussex or near Steyning, West Sussex

AMPS, WILLIAM (1824-1910)

Born: 18th December, 1824 in Cambridge
Educated at Peterhouse College, Cambridge achieving BA(Cantab) and MA(Cantab) in 1862. He held various organist posts in Cambridge, Peterhouse, King's College, (1855-1876) and Christ's College. He was also Organist of St Peter's Church and Conductor of the University Music Society.
Died: 20th May, 1910 in Cambridge






Born: 30th June, 1853 in Crail, Fife, Scotland
Studied with Sir George Clement Martin in Edinburgh, Scotland and later with Albert Pearce in Glasgow, Scotland. FRCO in 1878. BMus(Oxon) in 1878 and DMus(Oxon) in 1880. Organist and Choirmaster of the Edinburgh churches of Wesleyan Chapel, Nicolson Square (1872-1877); Abbey (1877-1879); St Thomas's Episcopal (1879-1881); St Andrew's (from 1881). He taught music in various schools in Edinburgh and gave piano instruction at the Moray House Training College and School (from 1892). A member of the Revision Committee for the 1927 edition of the 'Church Hymnary'.
Died: 17th January, 1945 in Edinburgh, Scotland


Born: (?), 1856
Died: (?)

ANDREWS, F. G. (-)

ANDREWS, F. H. (-)


Born: (?), 1872
ARCO (?). Organist of All Saints' Church, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (1895-?). Conductor of the High Wycombe and District Choral Association. Music Master of the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe.
Died: (?)


Born: 10th August, 1904 in Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland
Educated at Bedford School and studied composition with Dr Ralph Vaughan Williams at the RCM, London. BMus(Dubl) and DMus(Dubl), both in 1935. His first major appointment was at Beverley Minster, East Riding of Yorskhire (1934-1938) where his assistant was Gordon Reynolds. Organist of New College, Oxford (1938-1956). DMus(Oxon) in 1942 where he studied modern history, later taking a BA (1943) and MA (1944). He lectured in music at Oxford University and taught at the RCM. A specialist author on Palestrina and William Byrd respectively in 1958 and 1966.
Died: 10th October, 1965 in Oxford

ANDREWS, MICHAEL J. (20th cent.)


ANDREWS, STANLEY (20th cent.)



ANGEL(L), JOHN (?-1767)

Born: 18th October, (?) in Calne, Wiltshire
Died: 17th August, 1767



resolving the odd ones via collections but many will probably always remain anonymous – The Custodian

ApIVOR (ApIvor), TREVOR DENIS (1916-2004)

Born: 14th April, 1916 in Ireland
Born during the April Revolution. Spent most of his first five years of his life in an old rectory, near to the River Shannon. He returned to his native Wales in 1921 during the Civil War. Whilst already a chorister in the local choir in 1925 he moved to the choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. Started composing around the age of ten and later joined the choir of Hereford Cathedral. Whilst at Hereford, ApIvor learned the clarinet, piano and organ. Became a pupil of Patrick Hadley and subsequently with Alan Rawsthorne. In 1939 he became a hospital war doctor and following war-service in hospitals in India he returned to London in 1945. Did a considerable amount of composing.
Died: 27th May, 2004 in Robertsbridge, East Sussex

ARCHER, FREDERIC (1838-1901)

(son of James Archer)

Born: 16th June, 1838 in Oxford
A chorister at St Margaret's Chapel (now All Saints' Church), Oxford between 1853 and 1859.

Organist successively at St Clement's Church, Oxford and Merton College. Organist of Banbury Parish Church, Oxfordshire (1855-1856), St Mary's Church, Spring Grove, Middlesex and around a dozen other positions. First organist of Alexandra Palace, London (1873-1880) and succeeded H. Weist Hill as Musical Director and Conductor of the same. Organist of Plymouth Church, New York (1881) (see 'Bemrose' 1892 for full list of appointments).
Died: 22nd October, 1901 in London

ARCHER, JAMES (1805-1877)

(father of Frederic)

Born: (?), 1805
Singing-man at St John's College, Oxford (1828-?)
Died: (?), 1877


Born: 29th April, (?) in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire
Educated at King Edward VII School, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. RCO scholar at the RCM, London (1970-1972) with Ralph Downes and Herbert Sumsion. Organ Scholar at Jesus College, Cambridge (1972-1975), studying with Gillian Wear and Nicolas Kynaston. BA(Cantab) in 1975 and MA(Cantab) in 1979. FRCO.

Assistant Organist of Magdalen College School, Oxford (1976-1978), St Clement Danes Church and Hampstead Parish Church,  London. Assistant Organist at Norwich Cathedral (1978-1983) under Dr Michael Bernard Nicholas. Organist of Bristol Cathedral (1983-1989/90). Freelance composer, conductor and organist (1989-1996). Organist of Wells Cathedral (1996-2004), Organist of St Paul's Cathedral, London (2004-2007), Organist of Winchester College (2007-). A prolific composer of church music.

ARMES, Dr PHILIP (1836-1908)

Born: 15th August, 1836 in Norwich, Norfolk
A chorister at Norwich Cathedral (1846-1848) under Zecharia Buck then moved to Rochester Cathedral (1848-1850) under Dr John Larkin Hopkins. Organist of Holy Trinity Church, Gravesend, Kent (c.1854) then shortly after to the rather fashionable church of St Andrew's, Wells Street, Marylebone, London. In 1861 he was appointed to Chichester Cathedral but moved on to Durham Cathedral (1863-1907). In 1890 the University of Durham appointed him Professor of Music. He took the BMus(Oxon) in 1858, DMus(Oxon) in 1864 and MA(Dunelm) in 1891. He was also an honorary FRCO.
Died: 10th February, 1908 in Durham

ARMFIELD, Revd H. T. (-)

Born: (?)
Minor Canon at Salisbury Cathedral and Vice-Principal of the Theological College of Salisbury.
Died: (?)



Born: 15th June, 1898 in Peterborough
The son of a local church musician. His own son, Lord Armstrong of Ilminster was secretary to the Cabinet. A chorister at the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace. Educated at the King's School, Peterborough. In 1916 he became Organ Scholar of Keble College, Oxford, interrupting his studies to serve in the British Expeditionary Force from 1917-1919. After reading modern history at Keble he became Organ Scholar at the RCM, London (1922-1928) where he studied with Gustav Holst, Sir Walter Parratt and Dr Ralph Vaughan Williams, and also with Ernest Read at the Matthay School, Liverpool. BA(Oxon) in 1922, BMus(Oxon) in 1923, MA(Oxon) in 1925 and MusD(Oxon) in 1928. HonDMus(Edin) in 1963. FRCO. Knighted in 1958. Organist of Thorney Abbey, Peterborough (from 1914) and Sub-Organist of Peterborough Cathedral (1914-1916) where he was an articled pupil of Dr Haydn Keeton. Sub-Organist of Manchester Cathedral (1921-1922), St Peter's Church, Eaton Square, London (1922-1928) followed by Organist of Exeter Cathedral (1928-1933) and of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford (1933-1935). University Choragus, Oxford (1937-1955). Took over the BBC schools' broadcasts following the death of Sir Henry Walford Davies. Principal of the RAM (1955-1968). Continued to compose until late in life.
Died: 26th June, 1994 in Olney, Buckinghamshire

ARNOLD, C. F. (-)


Born: 22nd December, 1832 in Petworth, West Sussex
Pupil of Dr George William Chard and Dr Samuel Sebastian Wesley (organist of Winchester Cathedral). Organist, Precentor and Master of the Choristers at St Columba's College, Rathfarnham, Ireland (1853-1856). MusB(Oxon) in 1855. Organist of St Mary's, Torquay, Devon (1856-1860). MusD(Oxon) in 1861. Succeeded Dr Stephen Elvey as Organist of New College, Oxford (1860-1865). Organist and Master of the Choristers, Winchester Cathedral (on succeeding Dr S. S. Wesley) (1865-1902). Associate of the Philharmonic Society (1882).
Died: 31st January, 1902 in Winchester, Hampshire

ARNOLD, Dr SAMUEL (1740-1802)

Born: 10th August, 1740 in London
A chorister at the Chapel Royal successively under Bernard Gates and Dr James Nares. Composer at Covent Garden Theatre, London (1763) and for many years after. MusB(Oxon) and MusD(Oxon) in 1773. Organist and Composer, Chapel Royal (1783-1802) holding both offices. Conductor of the Academy of Ancient Music (1789) until its dissolution in 1792. Organist (only) of Westminster Abbey, London (1793-1802).

Buried in the north aisle of Westminster Abbey.
Died: 22nd October, 1802 in London

ARNOLD, S. J. (-)


Born: 25th February, 1870 in Glasgow, Scotland
At the age of 10 he moved to London with his parents. Fond of music but did not take it too seriously until around the age of 20. Spent a year at the Royal College of Music under Sir Charles Villiers Stanford and Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry. He studied later with Frederick Corder. BMus(Dunelm) in 1891 and DMus(Dunelm) in 1901. Organist of the London churches of St George, Perry Vale; Trinity, Forest Hill; St Gabriel, Pimlico and St Paul, Forest Hill in 1904. He moved back to Glasgow in 1905 to be Organist and Choirmaster of Queen's Park Parish Church, Govanhill. Composed a small amount of church music and some operas, song cycles and overtures.
Died: (?), 1910 in Glasgow, Scotland

ARNOTT, J. (19th cent.)

(probably John Amott of Gloucester Cathedral)



Born: 28th July, 2011 in Chipstead, Surrey
Attended Tonbridge School, Kent (1925-1929) and the Royal College of Music (1929-1936). BMus(Lond) in 1936 and DMus(Lond) in 1941. FRCO. Organist of St John's Church, Smith Square, London (1934-1941). Rector Chori of Southwell Minster (1946-1956), organist of Rochester Cathedral (1956-1977). Taught at the Royal College of Music from 1957 and was appointed Professor of Theory in 1958. He was also a Special Commissioner to the Royal School of Church Music. Composed a large amount of church music. He became blind in his later years.

His funeral was held in Rochester Cathedral with the combined choirs of Rochester Cathedral and Southwell Minster.
Died: 30th December, 2006  in Rochester, Kent


Born: (?), 1854
Died: 8th December, 1908


Born: (?)
Died: (?)

ASHLEY, MARTIN (20th cent.)

Born: (?)
Studied at the King's School, Rochester and Christ Church University (?).


ASHTON, JOHN (1830-1896)

Born: (?), 1830 near Trefeglwys, Powys, Wales
A shoemaker by trade but following an accident he joined the police force. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1874. Composed the hymn-tune 'Trefeglwys' in 1857, songs and part songs.
Died: 31st December, 1896 in New Zealand


Born: 23rd December, 1863 in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
Died: (?)

ASPINALL, GEORGE SHIRLEY (19th-20th cent.)

ASTON, Revd FREDERICK MA (c.1798-1873)

Born: (?), c.1798
MA. Vicar of Northleach, Gloucestershire (1838). Honorary Canon of Bristol Cathedral (1850). Rector of Toddenham, Gloucestershire (1855).
Died: 13th October (?), 1873

ASTON, Professor PETER GEORGE (1938-2013)

Born: 5th October, 1938 in Edgbaston, Birmingham
Studied at the Birmingham School of Music and at the University of York. Took private lessons in composition with Wilfrid Mellers. Awarded DPhil(York). Lecturer in Music at Anstey College (1961-1964), lecturer (1964-1972) and senior lecturer (1972-1974) at the University of York. Since 1974 he has been Professor and head of music at the University of East Anglia, where he was dean of the School of Fine Arts and Music 1981-1984. Director of the Tudor Consort 1959-1965, conductor of the English Baroque Ensemble 1967-1970. A regular performer in the USA and has been the principal conductor of the Sacramento Bach Festival in California since 1993. Joint founder and artistic director of the Norwich Festival of Contemporary Church Music from 1981.
Died: 13th September (?), 2013


ATKINS, FREDERICK PYKE (1830 or 1835-1897)

(father of Sir Ivor A. Atkins)

Born: (?), 1830 or 1835, in Cromhall, Gloucestershire
Organist, teacher. BMus(Oxon) in 1859. A gentleman of Magdalen Hall. Married Harriet Maria in 1857. Organist of St John's, Cardiff, Wales for thirty years.
Died: 5th December, 1897 in Kingswood, Wotton under Edge, Gloucester (another source states he died in Cardiff, Wales)

ATKINS, Sir IVOR ALGENON (1869-1953)

(son of Frederick Pyke Atkins)

Born: 29th November, 1869 in Llandaff, West Glamorgan, Wales
A chorister in Cardiff Parish Church, Wales and was educated at Roath, privately with his father and with Dr Charles Lee Williams. MusB(Cantab) in 1892 at Queen's College and MusD(Cantab) in 1920. FRCO. Knighted in 1921. Dr George Robertson Sinclair engaged him as a pupil, and from 1885-1886 was his assistant at Truro Cathedral. He followed Sinclair when they both moved to Hereford Cathedral (1890-1893). From 1893-1897 he was Full Organist at the Collegiate Church in Ludlow, Shropshire. Organist of Worcester Cathedral (1897-1950). Conducted Edward Elgar's 'The Dream of Gerontius' at the Three Choirs Festival in 1902 in spite of a lot of opposition as the author John Henry Newman had changed to the Roman Catholic church.
Died: 26th November, 1953 in Worcester

ATKINS, J. O. (-)


Born: 2nd October, 1811 in Chichester, West Sussex
A chorister of at Chichester Cathedral and later becoming assistant organist. Organist of St Asaph Cathedral (1834-1889).
Died: 3rd August, 1889 during his tenure at St Asaph Cathedral

ATKINSON, FREDERICK COOKE (1841-1896 or 1897)

Born: 20th August, 1841 in Norwich, Norfolk
A chorister at Norwich Cathedral under Zechariah Buck and became assistant organist there. MusB(Cantab) in 1867. He taught music at Tonbridge School, Kent before going to Bradford, Yorkshire as organist at St Luke's Church, Manningham and elsewhere. Succeeded Zechariah Buck as organist of Norwich Cathedral (1881-1885 or 1886). Organist of St Mary's Church, Lewisham, London (1886-1896).
Died: 30th November, 1896 or 1897 in East Dereham, Norfolk





Born: 6th March, 1864 in Speenhamland, Newbury, Berkshire
Studied under Sir George Clement Martin. Organist of Haywards Heath Parish Church, East Sussex 1892 and Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield (1919).
Died: 22nd December, c.1949 in Cuckfield, East Sussex

ATTRIDE, TIMOTHY (20th cent.)


Born: 26th June, 1862 in Faversham, Kent
Studied under Dr Charles John Frost and Dr Charles William Pearce and others.

Moved to London in 1884 and was organist of Clapham Congregational Church, London. He was also an accomplished violinist and singer. FRCO. He wrote at least 79 works including a setting of Psalm 34 for soloists, choir and organ.
Died: 10th April, 1909 in Clapham Common, Lambeth, London

ATTWOOD, THOMAS (1765-1838)

Born: 23rd November, 1765 in London
A chorister at Chapel Royal under Dr James Nares and Dr Edmund Ayrton. Pupil of Filippo Cinque and Gaetano Latilla in Naples (1783-1785), afterwards with Mozart in Vienna (1785-c.1787). Sometime Chamber Musician (and Page) to the Prince of Wales. Organist and Vicar Choral at St Paul's Cathedral, London (1796-1838) in succession to John Jones. Succeeded Dr Thomas Sanders Dupuis as Composer to the Chapel Royal in 1796. One of the original 30 members of the Philharmonic Society in 1813 and Hon Treasurer for the 8th season in 1820. Organist of the Royal Pavilion Chapel, Brighton (1821). Organist of the Chapel Royal (1836-1838).

He is buried in the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, London.
Died: 24th March, 1838 in Chelsea, London

ATWOOD, CHARLES JOHN (c.1808-c.1834)

Born: (?), c.1808
A chorister in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. A member of the choirs at the Chapels of Dublin Castle and Trinity College. Succeeded his mother, Eliza Atwood as proprietor of a music shop in Dublin (1832). Sometime organist of the Lock Chapel, London.
Died: (?), c.1834 in Dublin, Ireland

ATWOOD, W. C. (-)

AUDRIES, St (1853-1917)

(Lord St Audrie)

Born: 26th September (?), 1853
Sir Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood, 1st Baron St Audries PC.

Succeeded his father in the baronetcy in 1892. A Conservative Party Politician. Serving as Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury (Chief Whip).
Died: 4th June (?), 1917




Born: 23rd December, 1846 in Lichfield, Staffordshire
A chorister in Lichfield Cathedral. Later, he was associated with the music at Rugby School, Warwichshire and Trinity College, London. He lectured and wrote on the subject of 'English Opera'. His last organ appointment was at St Andrew's Church, Fulham, London.
Died 16th February, 1891 in London

AVELING, HENRY (1821-1909?)

Born: (?), 1829
Sometime Organist of the Lock Chapel, London.
Died: (?),  1909?

AVEYARD, JOHN (20th cent.)

Born: (?)
Educated at St John's College, Cambridge. An organist and went into teaching.

AYERST, JONATHAN (20th cent.)

AYLWARD, Dr THEODORE (c.1730-1801)

Born: (?), c.1730 in Chichester, Sussex
Said to have been a boy singer at the Drury Lane Theatre, London. Organist of Oxford Chapel, London (now St Peter's, Vere Street) in 1764 and St Lawrence Jewry, London (1762-1788). A Member of the Royal Society of Musicians (1763). Organist of St Michael's Church, Cornhill. London (1768-1781). Organist and Master of the Choristers at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle (1788-1801). BMus(Oxon) and DMus (Oxon) in 1791. Also private organist to Queen Charlotte. A professor at Gresham College, London.

Buried in the North Choir Aisle of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.
Died: 27th February, 1801 in London

AYLWARD, Dr THEODORE EDWARD junior (1844-1933)

Born: 28th February, 1844 in Salisbury, Wiltshire
The great-great-nephew of Dr Theodore Aylward. Studied at Salisbury Cathedral under Charles John Read and Dr Samuel Sebastian Wesley of whom he was articled. He spent some time as a pupil of Sir George Alexander Macfarren. Organist of St Matthew's Church, Cheltenham, St Columba's College, Rathfarnham, Dublin, Ireland from 1866. Organist of St Martin's Church, Salisbury and of St Mary's Church, Spring Grove in the Diocese of London. Organist of Llandaff Cathedral (1870-1876) and of Chichester Cathedral (1876-1886). Organist of St Andrew's Church, Cardiff, Wales (1886-1925).
Died: 6th February, 1933 in Cardiff, Wales


Born: (?), c.1810 in Salisbury, Wiltshire
Around thirty years as organist of St Martin's Church, Salisbury. In 1865 appointed to St Edmund's Church, (Salisbury?). Conductor of the Sarum Choral Society. Bandmaster of the First Wiltshire Rifle Volunteers. Elected Mayor of Salisbury (1868-1869). All his seven children were in the music profession.
Died: (?), 1890 in Salisbury, Wiltshire

AYRTON, Dr EDMUND (1734-1808)

Born: (?); baptised 19th November, 1734 in Ripon, North Yorkshire
Pupil of Dr James Nares. Organist, Auditor and Rector Chori at Southwell Minster (1755-1764). Gentleman of the Chapel Royal (1764-1808). Vicar Choral at St Paul's Cathedral, London (1767-1808) and Lay Vicar, Westminster Abbey (1780-1808). Master of the Choristers, Chapel Royal (1780) but resigned in 1805. MusD(Cantab) 1784 and DMus(ad eundem, Oxon) in 1788.

Buried in the North Cloister of Westminster Abbey.
Died: 22nd May, 1808 in Westminster, London

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