"F" profiles

"F" profiles

FALL, T. H. (-)


Born: 20th May, 1850 in Helston, Cornwall
His parents taught him to play the piano and later, by a professor of music. He attended the Royal Academy of Music in 1870 and won a Mendelssohn scholarship to study in Leipzig in 1873. His tutors included Sir William Sterndale Bennett, Dr Charles Steggall, Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan, Frederick Jewson, William Aylward Ciabatta and Pettitt. Graduated MusB(Cantab) in 1894 and MusD(Cantab) in 1900 from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Organist of Holbrook Parish Church, near Ipswich from the age of 12.

On the teaching staff of the Royal Academy of Music, London, sub professor and assistant professor of piano from 1874, and professor of piano from 1878. Professor of piano and harmony at the National Training School of Music and as its successor, the Royal College of Music until 1885 and then of the Guildhall School of Music, London.

He succeeded John Farmer as Director of Music at Harrow School, London (1885-1901) and was himself succeeded by Sir Percy Carter Buck. A music examiner to the University of Cambridge (1904-1909) and a member of the Board of Studies at the University of London.
Died: 28th October, 1927 in Brighton, West Sussex

(there were apparently two John Farrants around at this time)

(probably arranged from) FARRANT, JOHN (c.1545-1635)

Born: (?), c.1545
Supposedly the son of Richard Farrant. Succeeded Robert White as Organist of Ely Cathedral. Organist of Hereford Cathedral fromm 1592 but resigned in 1593 (having being previously admonished for alleged insolence), of Christ Church or Christ’s Hospital, Newgate Street, London, and of Salisbury Cathedral (1598-1602).
Died: (?), 1635

(this may be another John Farrant)

FARRANT, RICHARD (c.1530-1580)

(adapted from his anthem, 'Lord, for thy tender mercies sake')

Born: (?), c.1530
A Gentleman of the Chapel Royal in the reigns of Edward 6th, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I but resigned in 1564.

Lay clerk, Organist and Master of the Choristers of St George’s Chapel,
Windsor, Berkshire in conjuction with John Merbecke from 1564 and resigned in 1569. Re-enrolled as a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal in 1569.

He is buried in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire.
Died: 30th November, 1580 in (Windsor, Berkshire?)


FAWCETT, DAVID (20th cent.)

FAWCETT, JOHN junior (c.1824 or 1825-1857)

(son of John Fawcett senior)

Born: (?), 1824 in Lancashire
Studied music under his father, John Fawcett of Wennington. Organist of St John’s Church, Farnworth, Lancashire from the age of 10 (1835-1842). He succeeded his elder brother as Organist of Bolton Parish Church, Lancashire. His sister deputised for him when he went to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music in 1845 under Sir William Sterndale Bennett. This period of study lasted around one year.

He graduated BMus(Oxon) in November, 1852. He submitted a sacred cantata 'Supplication and Thanksgiving' which was later published. He resumed his duties at Bolton Parish Church after completing his studies and served there until his early death. During his time in London he was Organist of Earl Howe’s Church, Curzon Street. He wrote a hymn tune, songs, glees and works for the piano.
Died: 1st July, 1857 in Manchester


FAWCETT, JOHN senior (1789-1867)

(father of John Fawcett junior)

Born: 8th December, 1789 in Wennington, Lancashire
A self-taught musician. He learned the Lancashire Sol-fa system and reinforced
his knowledge by copying out psalm and hymn-tunes that he encountered. At the
age of 17 he was bandsman in the local militia, playing the clarinet. A shoemaker until 1825 when he settled in Bolton as Organist of the Bridge Street Wesleyan Chapel. He became a professor of music and composer of sacred songs and taught various musical instruments.

He held various chapel organistships in Farnworth, Bolton, including the Maudsley Street Congregational Church and declined various positions in Manchester. Reputed to have composed around 2000 musical items.
Died: 26th October, 1867 in Bolton, Lancashire



Born: 11th November, 1870 in Paddington, London
His mother was a musician and watercolourist, his father died when Edward was only 11. He was educated at a preparatory school in Bickley, Kent. He went on to Winchester College, and Oriel College, Oxford where he read theology. He remained on for a fourth year (1893) in order to study for a degree in music. His Oxford contemporaries included Ernest Walker and Sir Percy Carter Buck.

A musicologist and author of a book on William Byrd. Co-editor of and authority on the Tudor Music Series. Became Precentor of Bristol Cathedral and then a minor canon of St George’s Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire in 1900 through the reigns of five monarchs.
Died: 20th December, 1951 in Windsor, Berkshire

FELTON, Revd WILLIAM (1713 or 1715-1769)

Born: (?), 1713 or 1715 in Market Drayton, Shropshire
Studied at St John’s College, Cambridge and attained BA(Cantab) in 1738 and MA(Cantab) in 1745. Vicar choral and sub-chanter of Hereford Cathedral in (1741). Vicar of Norton Canon, Herefordshire (1751-1769). Minor canon of Hereford Cathedral (1753). Chaplain to the Dowager Princess of Wales (1760). Succentor and Custos of the College of Vicars’ Choral, Hereford (1769). He was distinguished in his day as an organist, harpsichordist and composer. Felton was one of the stewards of the Meeting of the Three Choirs Festival at Hereford in 1744 and at Gloucester in 1745.

He died suddenly and is buried on the site of the Vestibule of the Chapter House (could be the Lady Chapel) of Hereford Cathedral.
Died: 6th December, 1769 in Hereford


Born: 22nd April, 1906 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire
As a youth Eric took lessons in piano, organ and ‘cello.

Appointed Organist at the age of 12 of Holy Trinity Church, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. As a composer he was largely self-taught. By 1925 he had conducted a work for string orchestra at the Spa Grand Hall, Scarborough and had written some minor pieces.

On hearing that Frederick Delius had become virtually helpless because of blindness and paralysis (due to syphilis), he offered to serve Delius as his amanuensis. He worked at the composer’s home in Grez-sur-Loing, near Paris, France for extended periods until Delius died nearly six years later. Upon returning to England he entered the employ of Boosey & Hawkes. He composed film music for films such as 'Jamaica Inn'. War service interrupted his film career and after joining the Royal Artillery he was transferred to Bulford Army Camp, Wiltshire where he conducted the Southern Command Orchestra and later commissioned to run the Royal Army Education Corps courses in Lancashire. Having left the Roman Catholic Church, he married and had two children.

After the war Fenby founded the music department of the North Riding Training College. Awarded the OBE in 1962. Awarded honorary doctorates from the Universities of Jacksonville (USA), Bradford and Warwick. Artistic Director of the 1962 Bradford Delius Festival. From 1964-1977 he was Professor of Harmony at the Royal College of Music, London. He reverted back to Roman Catholicism in his final years.
Died: 18th February, 1997 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

FENNER, O. T. (-)

FENSTERMAKER, Dr JOHN R. (20th cent.)

FERGUSON, B. W. C. (20th cent.)



Born: 18th July, (?) in London
A chorister at Exeter Cathedral. Attended Clifton College, Bristol (1956-1960) then to Peterhouse, Cambridge as organ scholar. BA(Cantab) in 1963 and MA(Cantab). Performed post graduate study at the Royal College of Music, London.

Assistant Organist of Peterborough Cathedral (1964-1971) and of Wimborne Minster (1971-1977). Organist of Rochester Cathedral (1977-1994). Sometime organist of Shaftesbury Church, Dorset.

FERGUSON, Revd Dr WILLIAM HAROLD (reconstructions?) (1874-1950)

Born: 1st January, 1874 in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Educated at Magdalen College School, Oxford and Keble College, Oxford. Graduated BA.(Oxon) in 1897 and MA(Oxon) in 1906. Trained for the ministry of the Church of England at Cuddesdon College, Oxford from 1901, ordained deacon in 1902 and priest in 1904. Assistant Master of St Edwards, Rugby, Warwickshire from 1899 and in 1902 onwards he taught at Lancing College, West Sussex where he was also school chaplain. In 1913 became Warden of St Edward’s School, Oxford, and then Warden of St Peter’s College, Radley, Oxfordshire from 1925.

Canon and Precentor of Salisbury Cathedral (1937-1947). A member of the committee set up by the Headmasters’ Conference to prepare the 'Public School Hymn Book'. He was joint editor with Geoffrey Shaw and the book appeared in 1911. Whilst in Lancing College he composed the popular hymn tune 'Wolvercote'.
Died: 18th October, 1950 in Littlehampton, West Sussex

FERARRI, F. J. (-)

FETHERSTON(E), Revd Sir GEORGE RALPH (1852-1923)

Born: 8th April, 1852 in (?), Ireland
Died: 11th February, 1923 at Cleeve Court, Kempsey, Worcestershire


FIELD, (?) (-)

FIELD, JOHN THOMAS (1850-1912)

Born: 4th February, 1850 near Manchester
Studied under Sir John Frederick Bridge and Sir John Stainer. Organist and Choirmaster of Holywell Parish Church, North Wales (1868), Christ Church, Southport, Lancashire (1870), St German’s Church, Blackheath, Kent (1872) and Christ Church, Lee Park, London (1874). This last appointment he held for over 20 years. Composed a small amount of church and piano music.
Died: 4th February, 1912 in Manchester


Born: 14th or 24th November, 1883 in Chichester, West Sussex
Educated at the Prebendal School, Chichester, at Jesus College, Oxford (where he was organ scholar), and the Royal College of Music, London. Graduated BMus(Oxon), MA(Oxon) and DMus(Edinburgh).

Director of Music at Hurstpierpoint College, West Sussex (1903-1905), Fettes College, Edinburgh 1908-1912. Director of the piano teaching department of Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Gloucestershire (1912-1920). Professor of piano at the Royal College of Music, London (1921-1947), Director of Music at Charterhouse School, Surrey (1928-1948) and Director of the Rhodesian Academy of Music, Bulawayo (1952-1958). On active service during WW1 and a reservist in WW2.
Died: 15th or 19th September, 1974 in Gloucester



Born: (?)
Son of William Fielding. Vicar Choral at St Paul’s Cathedral (1858-1874).
Died: (?)


FINCH, Hon Revd EDWARD (1664-1738)

Born: (?), 1664
Educated at Christ’s College, Cambridge and graduated MA(Cantab) in 1679. Represented the University of Cambridge in the parliament of 1689-1690. Ordained deacon at York in 1700 then became Rector of Wigan, Lancashire. Appointed Prebendary of York Minster on 8th February, 1704.
Died: 14th February, 1738 in York

FINCH, F. O. (-)

FINLAYSON, Revd JOHN (1810-1888)

Born: 25th August, 1810 in Dublin, Ireland
BA(Dublin) in 1831, MA(Dublin) in 1837. Precentor’s Vicar at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin (1844). Prebendary of St Michael’s Church, Dublin (1873).
Died: 28th May, 1888 in Dublin


Born: 14th May, 1901 in London
Studied in Harrogate with Ernest Farrar (1914-1916). At this point Farrar joined the armed forces and in September 1918 was killed in action in France. Finzi continued his studies with Sir Edward Bairstow in York (1917-1922) and for counterpoint with R. O. Morris in London (from 1925).

From 1922 onwards he lived to Painswick, Gloucestershire but decided to move to London in 1926. In 1937 he built a house at Ashmansworth, Hampshire where he composed and built up a large music library.

A teacher of counterpoint at the Royal Academy of Music, London (1930-1933). He admired the music of Ivor Gurney (whom he had not met) and from 1935 began cataloguing of Gurney’s music.

During WW2 he worked for the Ministry of Transport (1941-1945) and firmly believer that musicians should not be conscripted. He was great friends with Dr Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst, Robin Milford and Edmund Rubbra.
Died: 28th September, 1956 in Oxford

FISHER, CHARLES (R.) (or another Charles Fisher?) (fl. 1890-1913)

Born: (?), pre-1890
Organist of All Saints’, Northampton (1890) then of Morley Parish Church,
Leeds, West Yorkshire. Moved to the USA and served in Iowa from 1910. Apparently gave a recital in England in 1913.
Died: (?), 1913


Born: 18th September, (?) in Woodford Green, Essex
Educated at Bancroft’s School, Woodford Green, Essex and then proceeded to the
Royal College of Music, London (1955-1959), winning the Tankard prize for
organ-playing. He went up to Christ Church, Oxford as Organ Scholar
(1959-1962), reading music and taking the degrees of BA(Oxon) in 1962 and
MA(Oxon) in 1966. FRCO in 1959. He also holds the RCO's CHM diploma. Organist
of St Mark’s Church, Regent’s Park, London (1957-1962). Assistant organist of
Hereford Cathedral (1962-1967), Organist and Master of the Choristers of
Chester Cathedral (1967-1996).

Retired in 1996 and now lives in Wales.

FISHER, T. S. (?)

FISHWICK, J. R. (20th cent.)

FISK, CHARLES (BRENTON?) (1925-1983)

Born: 7th February, 1925 in Washington DC, USA
Died: 16th December, 1983 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

FITZ-GERALD, Revd JAMES FERRIER (1873-after 1913)

Born: (?), 1873 in Dublin, Ireland
Organist of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin (1904-1906) jointly with John
Horan and then alone as Organist (1907-1913).
Died: (?), after 1913


FITZHERBERT, Revd WILLIAM (c.1713-1797)

Born: (?), c.1713
Minor Prebendary (1744) and Epistoler (1745) at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.
Priest in Ordinary of the Chapel Royal (1746).

Minor Canon at Westminster Abbey, London from 1751 and resigned in 1778. Rector of Hadlow, Kent (1753), Vicar of Horndon-on-the Hill, Stanford-le-Hope, Esisex (1756-1771), Rector of St Mary Magdalen with St Gregory by St Paul’s, London (1771), Sub-Dean, Minor Canon and First Prebendary at St Paul’s Cathedral, London (1776), and Sub-Chanter (1778).

He is buried at St Paul’s Cathedral, London
Died: 2nd October, 1797 at St Paul’s College (School), London

FLEMING, (?) (-)


Born: (?), 1928 in Oxford
His father Guy was curate at the Anglo-Catholic Church of St Mary Magdalen’s,
Oxford; his grandfather Arthur Fleming was Precentor of Gloucester Cathedral
and Headmaster of Gloucester Cathedral School. At the age of 12 Michael
started organ lessons in St Austell, Cornwall where he had been evacuated
during WW2. After doing his National Service in the RAF he studied music at
Durham University. Organist of St Oswald’s, Durham whilst enjoying organ lessons with Dr Francis Alan Jackson.

On moving to Cambridge he became Organist and Choirmaster of St Giles' Church whilst continuing his organ lessons with Dr George Howell Guest at St John’s College. During his time as organist of Chingford Church, Essex his teacher was Dr Harold Edwin Darke. Appointed Director of Music at All Saints, Margaret Street, London in 1958 where taught at the choir school. When the school closed ten years later he moved to Croydon Parish Church, Surrey and became full-time tutor at nearby Addington Palace, the then home of the Royal School of Church Music in 1968.

Around 1978 he moved to St Mary’s, Primrose Hill, London for just two years
and then moved to St Alban’s Church, Holborn, London by request of the vicar,
John Gaskellm succeeding Sir Reginald Goodall and Michael Foley.

He retired from the RSCM in 1993 but continued on the governing bodies of both
the English Hymnal Company and the Church Music Society. In 1998 he left ST
Alban's Church to become Director of Music at St Michael’s, Croydon, Surrey and to restore its once-famous musical tradition.
Died: 10th January, 2006 in (?)

FLEMING, Revd W. K. (-)


Born: 25th November, (?) in Birmingham
Involved in church music since the age of 7, he was educated in Birmingham and at Keble College, Oxford where he was Organ Scholar. He holds the FRCO(CHM) diploma and is an RCO prize-winner. Organist and Choirmaster of St Mary’s, Warwick for eight years and since 1994, St Mark’s Church, Swindon, Wiltshire; St Peter’s Church, Hall Green, Birmingham; Master of the Music at St Thomas’s Church, Stourbridge, West Midlands for 15 years. He directs the Solihull Choral Society, and is Organist to the University of Birmingham and Organ Adviser to the Diocese of Worcester.

An organ recitalist, accompanist, teacher of piano, organ and theory, composer of church and organ music (published by OUP, RSCM, Peters Edition and Kevin Mayhew), presenter of lectures, master-classes and choral workshops.

FLETCHER, E. S. B. (-)


Born: 24th February, (?) in Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Sometime pupil of Edward Charles Swinburne Garrett (the grandson of Dr George Mursell Garrett who was in turn taught by Sir Edward Cuthbert Bairstow). Assistant Organist to John Robert Makin Pilling at Holy Trinity, Southport, Lancashire (1958-1964) and Music Master at Meols Cop Secondary School for Boys. He moved to St Barnabas Church, Heaton, Bradford, West Yorkshire (to replace Keith Vernon Rhodes who had moved to Bradford Cathedral) and was Assistant Music Master to Keith Rhodes, then Head of the Music Department at Grange School (a mixed 13-18yrs, 1400 pupil, comprehensive school) from 1967. Further full-time academic study led to promotion within the Management structure – at retirement (on health grounds) in 1989 he was 'Senior Teacher', Head of Lower School (years 9-11) and Coordinator of Special Educational Needs.

He studied Music and liturgy at the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire and at MacMillan College, Bradford.

FLETCHER, SAMUEL (1785-1863)

Born: (?), 1785 in Compton, Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Died: 13th October, 1863 in Manchester


FLINTOFT, Revd LUKE (c.1678-1727)

Born: (?), c.1678 in Worcester
A chorister at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1698 but apparently not as a singer – more financial.

BA(Cantab) at Queen’s College, Cambridge in 1700. Appointed Priest Vicar (1704-1714) and Sacrist (1711) of Lincoln Cathedral. Gentleman of (1715) and Reader at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, London and Minor Canon of Westminster Abbey, London (1719-1727).

His chant could be a contender as the oldest Double Chant.

He is buried in the South Cloister of Westminster Abbey, London
Died: 3rd November, 1727 in London

FLOOD, EDWIN (?-1848)

Born: (?)
Died: (?), 1848


Born: (?), 1830
Died: 17th July, 1908


Born: 28th June, 1811 in Boston, Lincolnshire
A pupil of Miss Tongue (a local professor) and afterwards of C. H. Rink and Schnyder von Wartensee.

Organist of the British Embassy, Paris, France (1836-1837), St Mark’s Church, Myddelton Square, Clerkenwell, London on succession of Dr J. K. Pyne (1837-1843).

MusB(Oxon) in 1839 and MusD(Oxon) in 1865.

Organist of St John’s Church, Paddington, London in succession to George Manwell; St Peter’s Church, Vere Street, London in succession to Mrs Thompson (nee Kate Loder, later Lady Henry Thompson) (1853-1855); Choirmaster at Beverley Minster, North Yorshire (1855-1860); Organist of St John’s Parish Church, Retford, Nottinghamshire (1860-1863); St Peter’s Church, Hammersmith, London (1864-1866); St Marie (Roman Catholic) Church, High Barnet, London (1867-1872).

He is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London.
Died: 14th June, 1872 in London

FOOT, A. M. (-)

FORBES, GEORGE (1813-1883)

(younger brother of Henry Forbes)

Born: 1st July, 1813 in Pimlico, London
A pupil of his brother Henry Forbes and Sir George Smart. Organist of Ranelagh Chapel (now the site of the Court Theatre), Sloane Square, London in 1827. Assistant Organist at St Mary’s Church, Bryanston Square, Marylbone, London (1838) and elected Organist succeeding Thomas Rawlings in 1839. Associate SBM (1847-1850). Associate of the Philharmonic Society (1853) and later full member (1858).
Died: 11th September, 1883 in London

FORBES, HENRY (1804-1859)

(elder brother of George Forbes)

Born: (?), 1804 in London
Studied music under Sir George Thomas Smart, Johann Hummel, Ignaz Moscheles and Heinrich Herz. An accomplished organist and pianist. Organist of St Luke’s Church, Chelsea, London.
Died: 24th November or December, 1859 (probably in London)

FORBES, Professor SEBASTIAN (20th cent.)

Born: 22nd May, (?) in Amersham, Buckinghamshire
Former choral scholar at King’s College, Cambridge and also studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London. Worked for the BBC, taught at the University of North Wales and is currently (from 1981) Professor of Music at the University of Guildford, Surrey. Founder of the Aeolian Singers.


Born: 10th October, 1833 in Kensington, London
Pupil of George Cooper junior and Dr Charles Edward Stephens. An amateur musician. He succeeded J. C. Ward as Honorary Organist of St John’s Chapel, Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London (1857-1860). He succeeded G. M. King as Organist and Choirmaster of Christ Church, Woburn Square, London (1862-1870) and Alberto Randegger at St Paul’s Church, Avenue Road, Regent’s Park, London (1870-1876).
Died: 9th May, 1903 in Hampstead, London

FORD, A. E. (-)

FORD, ERNEST (A. CLAIR) (1858-1919)

Born: 17th February, 1858 in Warminster, Wiltshire
Trained with John Richardson (Organist of Salisbury Cathedral) and Dr Dyer of Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. Studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London under Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan for composition and later in Paris with Edouard Lalo. First Sir John Goss Scholar at the RAM in 1875 and FRCO the same year. Received his ARAM in 1883.

Chosen by Sullivan to conduct the first performance of 'Ivanhoe' in 1891. Conductor at the Empire Theatre, Leicester Square, London and accompanist at the Saturday Popular Concerts. Professor of Singing at the Guildhall School of Music, London.
Died: 2nd June, 1919 in London

FORD, Dr HENRY EDMUND (1821-1909)

Born: 6th August, 1821 in Warlingham, Surrey
A chorister at Rochester Cathedral and pupil of Ralph Banks. Appointed Organist of Carlisle Cathedral (1842-1909). The Jubilee of his office as Cathedral Organist was celebrated by the public presentation of a testimonial at the County Hotel, Carlisle on 23rd April, 1892. In November 1891 he received the degree of MusD from the Archbishop of Canterbury. He held the record (?) of being the longest serving cathedral organist, a tenure of sixty seven years.
Died: 3rd November, 1909 in Carlisle


FORREST, ANGELO (fl. 1880-?)

Born: (?)
A composer and conductor.
Died: (?)


Born: 26th October, 1856 in Liverpool
Studied under D. C. Browne and G. W. Röhner. Played the organ at a very early age and subsequently held appointments at St Columba’s Church, St Ambrose Church (1874-1879), Emmanuel Church, Everton (1879-1891), St Michael’s-in-the-Hamlet Church (1891-1898) and Trinity Presbyterian Church (from 1989), all in Liverpool. Resident teacher in Liverpool. From 1891 he lectured on musical topics annually for the Liverpool Corporation Library and Arts Committee.
Died: 31st March, 1924 in Liverpool



Born: 11th April, (?) in Gravesend, Kent
Attended Gravesend Grammar School and educated privately in music with Anne Collins and Arthur Tracy Robson for piano; the parish organists John Cook of Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire and John Webster of St Mary the Virgin Church, Oxford for organ; Dr Gordon Jacob and Richard Arnell for orchestration.

He pursued a teaching career with posts at schools in Stratford-on-Avon,
Oxford and Brighton (East Sussex). Organist and Choirmaster from 1948-1972 of
the churches of All Saints, Perry Street, Northfleet, Kent; All Souls, Eastern
Road, Brighton; St Matthias, Brighton (1960-?); St Augustine of Canterbury,

His funeral was held in the Lady Chapel of Chichester Cathedral on Friday 20th
April, 2012.
Died: Sunday 1st April, 2012 at Dovecote View Residential Home, Westhampnett, West Sussex

FOSTER, Revd B. K. (-)

FOSTER, JOHN (1827-1915)

Born: (?) August, 1927 in Staines, Middlesex
A chorister at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire (1836-1844). An articled pupil to Sir George Job Elvey. A tenor singer and was appointed to the choir of the Chapel Royal. He succeeded Richard Redhead as Organist of St Andrew’s Church, Wells Street, London (1847-1856).

Lay Vicar of Westminster Abbey (1856) and in the same year succeeded William Knyvett at the Chapel Royal. Appointed by Eton College, Berkshire to rehearse the Music Society of which the young Sir Hubert Parry was a member (1862). Later he became Eton’s Master of Singing. He sang for 34 years in the Noblemen’s and Gentlemen’s Catch Club. Retired in 1898.
Died: 25th March, 1915 in Hampstead, London

FOSTER, K. R. (-)


Born: 29th November, 1851 in London
Educated at Brighton Grammar School, East Sussex and Guildford Grammar School, Surrey. A pupil of Hamilton Clarke, Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan and Ebenezer Prout. Organist of St James’s Church, Marylebone, London (1873-1875), St George’s Church, Notting Hill Gate, London (1875-1879) and also of the Foundling Hospital (1880-1894). In the 1880s he served as Choirmaster of St Alban’s Church, Holborn, London. A musical editor at Boosey and Hawkes. Elected an Associate of the Philharmonic Society in 1880 and ARAM. Author of 'Anthems and Anthem Composers' in 1901.
Died: 18th December, 1922 in Acton, Middlesex

FOSTER, R. (19th cent.)

Born: (?) in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
Died: (?)

FOWKES, STEPHEN (20th cent.)

FOWLE, Dr THOMAS LLOYD (1827-after 1875)

Born: 16th October, 1827 in Amesbury, Wiltshire
His father was the incumbent in Amesbury, Wiltshire 59 years. Graduated PhD from the University of Giessen, Germany in 1857. Musically self-taught. In early life Honorary Organist of Amesbury Church, and Organist of St John’s, Crawley, Surrey (1855-1857). Resident successively in Bognor, West Sussex and Winchester.
Died: (?)

FOWLER, A. M. (-)

FOWLER, Revd CHARLES (1758-1840)

Born: 31st March, 1758 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire
BA(Cantab) in 1780. Vicar Choral at Southwell Minster (1780), Vicar of Woodborough, Nottingham (1784), Vicar of Rolleston, Newark, Nottinghamshire (21st April, 1785-1840) and of Easton, Nottingham (1802).
Died: 2nd March, 1840 in (?)


Born: 6th October, 1870 in Portsea Island, Hampshire
Mastered the keyboard and violin at an early age and aged 14 he went to study at the Brussels Conservatory. He was awarded the Whitcomb Scholarship for violin at the Royal College of Music, London in 1887. He studied in Oxford from 1896-1899 and in 1899 became the youngest Doctor of Music in the United Kingdom.

He was Organist of St George’s Presbyterian Church, West Croydon, Surrey
(1896-1904) when he was invited to serve as Organist and Choir Director at Presbyterian Church, St John’s Wood, London. Served as President of the Free Church Musician’s Union in 1917. An examiner in the London College of Music (1908-1920).

He was buried in Twickenham Cemetery, Richmond, London.
Died: 24th January, 1939 in Isleworth, Hounslow, London


Born: 25th July, 1870 in Galt, Ontario, Canada
Died: 15th March, 1913 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(from 'The Sound of Music') FOX, IAN (20th cent.)

Born: (?)
Assistant Organist at Chichester Cathedral (c.1973).

FOX, JOHN MAKINSON (fl. 1877-1896)

FOX, SAMUEL (fl. 1750s)

Born: (?)
Resided in Derby.
Died: (?)


FRANCIS, Revd J. L. (-)

FRANCIS, W. JOHN (1909-1992)

Born: (?), 1909
DIed: (?), 1992

FREEMAN, Dr P. T. (-)



Born: (?)
Sometime Organist at St Alkmund Church, Derby until 1853; All Saints’ Church,
Derby (1853-1871).
Died: (?), 1878 in Derby


Born: (?)
Sometime organist in Hertford and teacher at Middlesex University.

FRITH, RICHARD S. (20th cent.)

Born: 20th May, (?) in Prestbury, Cheshire



Born: June 20th, 1848 in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol
Organist of Holy Trinity Church, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol (1867-1869) and Holy Trinity Church, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset (1869-1873). Succeeded F. Archer as Organist and Choirmaster of Holy Trinity Church, Lee, London (1873-1877) and St Mary’s Church, Haggerstone, Hackney, London (1876-1880). He succeeded Joseph Thomas Cooper as Organist and Choirmaster of Christ Church, Newgate Street, London (1880). Organist of St Peter’s Church, Brockley, Kent from 1884. In 1880 he became a professor at the Guildhall School of Music, London. Head of Music at Goldsmith’s College, London (1884-1904). Associate of the Philharmonic Society (1881).

FCO in 1872. MusB(Cantab) in 1877. MusD(Cantab) in 1882.
Died: 13th October, 1922 in Greenwich, London

FROST, EDWARD (1781-?)

Born: (?), 1781
Died: (?)

(some confusion as to whether this is the same person)

FROST, E. J. (-)


Born: 15th March, 1848 in London
In 1856 became a chorister at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire. From 1865 he studied the organ under Sebastian Hart of St Peter’s Church, Great Windmill Street, London. Organist of the Chapel Royal, Savoy Hill from 1865 (aged 17) until 1891. A music critic in several publications and on the staff of the Musical Times.

A professor of harmony and sight-singing of Madame Dolby’s Academy and a professor of piano at the Guildhall School of Music, London. He resigned from both of these appointments in 1888. Gave public lectures and wrote a book on the life of Franz Schubert.
Died: 3rd May, 1901 in London


Born: (?), 1880 in Worthing, West Sussex
Died: (?)


Born: 8th June, 1847 in Barnet, Hertfordshire
Died: 2nd September, 1918 in Buxton, Derbyshire

FROST, RONALD (20th cent.)

Born: 30th March, (?) in Bury, Lancashire

Educated at the Royal Manchester College of Music. Sub organist of Blackburn Cathedral and former accompanist of the Halle Concert Society. Organist of St Ann’s Church, Manchester where he has given over 700 lunchtime recitals. He teaches at the Royal Northern College of Music.

FRYE, C. (-)

FRYE, JOHN THOMAS (c.1812-1887)

Born: (?), c.1812
When only eight years old he was appointed Organist of St Mary’s Church,
Saffron Walden, Essex… a post he held for 64 years from 1820-1884.
Died: 23rd October, 1887 in Saffron Walden, Essex

FRYER, Revd A. F. (-)

F. T. (?) *


Born: (?), 1856
Music Critic of Pal Mall Gazette (1882-1884), the Manchester Guardian
(1884-1889) and The Times 1889-1911. Pianist of the Bach Choir and harpsichordist. Lectured on the history of English Church Music. Contributed to the first edition of Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
Died: 30th March, 1936 in Carnforth, Lancashire

FUSSELL, PETER (c.1730 or 1750-1802)

Born: (?), c.1730 or 1750 in Winchester
A chorister in Winchester Cathedral and pupil of James Kent whom he succeeded
on his retirement in 1774. Organist of Winchester Cathedral and Winchester
College (1774-1802). Among his pupils were Charles Dibdin (the elder) who composed the song 'Tom Bowling'.

He was buried on the 1st August, 1802 in the North Transept of Winchester Cathedral.
Died: late July, 1802 in Winchester

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